• Mauro Colombardo

  •   "... started his business in 1978 with the production of equipments for oenology; four years later he focused his production on the machines for viticulture reaching in a short time high levels of specialization. The first equipment of the new range of products was a trimmer designed in cooperation with the CNR of the University of Turin...." (terra e vita suppl. n.3/99)

    Mauro Colombardo was born in Canelli, where he lives, in 1954. After completing the High School Castigliano in Asti, he started his business sin 1978.

    Our efforts are aimed at obtaining a constant improvement in the machines and therefore in the quality of life for those who work in the country. Our aim is to minimize noise and danger so protecting the health of those who work every day in the vineyards making their task lighter. Currently the volume of our export is the 20% of the total turnover. It is our choice because we have often to optimize the machine according to the characteristics of the place where it works and it is possible to make rapid intervention only on the home market.

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